Commercial Vegetable Crops at ISU Hort Extension

Useful Vegetable Crop Web Links

1. Michigan State University - a newsletter type format with seasonal info.


2. Ohio State University - weekly update on crop status in Ohio with attention to pest problems


3. University of Illinois - vegetable and fruit crop newsletter during the growing season


4. Track the corn earworm moth flights to assist you in timing protective sprays to the developing ear. Cover the silk and ear zone. Check out the following two websites:


5. Track the spread of downy mildew, a devastating foliar disease of vine crops. The pathogen does not survive Iowa's harsh winters but enters the state by winds carrying the airborne spores from the south. As control is very expensive a grower needs to know when to scout and treat. Go to this website for information:


6. Muscatine Island Research Farm - seasonal newsletter on what's happening.