Commercial Vegetable Crops at ISU Hort Extension

Publications, Bulletins, Fact Sheets

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Historic Watermelon Breeding Program of Iowa and Kansas

(developed by Dr. Charles V. Hall, former Head, Department of Horticulture)

Vegetable Production - A Small Farm Opportunity? *NEW*
(a major revision of the old Pm-1093 bulletin, 22 pp.)





Green Beans *Updated*

Muskmelon and watermelon

Sweet Corn


Tomato Variety Notes *NEW*

Cultural Techniques

Research Progress Report 2009

Melon plastic mulch & row covers

Tomato row covers

Irrigation Scheduling and Tensiometer tips

Squash Vine Borer

Tomato blossom-end rot (BER) control

Tomato transplant production for fresh market

High Tunnel Construction Considerations *NEW*

Plant Analysis and Micronutrients for Vegetable Crops *NEW*





Many Iowans supplement corn/soybean income with a vegetable cash crop

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